Sep 30, 2013 - David

Sorry for the delay in updates. Such are the ways of labors of love. This is a big post, and our front page blog thingy can be weird, so click the title of the post if this gets cut off :/

I attended Granitecon in Manchester, NH this weekend. I was just visiting though. No Greyfriars table or merch or anything like that. I just went to have fun and get a sense of what cons are like. I’m interested in getting a table next year though.

But plenty of other cool people were there!

The Underburbs is a cool looking indie comic about a vampire that tries to take over the human world on Halloween night while a witch tries to stop her. Love the art. It’s totally my style. I regret not picking up a copy at the show, but I made a mental note of catching up on this soon.


I met Art Baltazar, and he drew me this sweet Nightwing sketch, colored with crayons. I’m a big fan of his work on Tiny Titans, and I got the first issue of his new book, Aw Yeah Comics.

The New England Horror Writers were also in attendance. I didn’t buy any of their books either, but I should have! They have some creepy stuff and seem like a nice bunch of people.

I also met Ron Marz, and he signed a copy of Ravine vol 1. He is a super nice guy even though I’m incredibly awkward.

Anyway, it was a great trip, I saw some fantastic cosplay, spent too much money, and just maybe…you’ll catch us there next year!